The current global pandemic COVID 19 has significantly impacted the world and we can expect to feel the effects of this for some time to come. We are on a mission to inject some positive energy into all communications channels and use the power of music to bring people together and create a movement that will be a source of healing as well as a vehicle for assistance to the less fortunate.

“Love is Life and Life is Love…blessings from above”

We believe that there is an opportunity to share positive messages and facilitate giving back, not just in T&T but to the world, and as such DJ Private Ryan, Freetown Collective and Caribbean Ideas have joined forces to launch the “Feel the Love” Movement. During this month of LOVE there will be a series of events, activities, interviews and expressions of love in many different forms, including:

  • One on one conversations with special guests expressing their love
  • Freetown Thursday Concerts (special performances and guests)
  • DJ Private Ryan Fridays with special themes
  • Charity Virtual Soca Brainwash
  • Mothers Day Special
  • Facilitating online donations by fans local and abroad
  • Collaboration with NGOs distributing care packages to the less fortunate
  • A Day of Love bringing the Month of LOVE to a close
  • User generated content including you in the mosaic of LOVE
And MUCH MORE.... Follow @feeltheloveworldwide for updates